Packing / Crating

From standard soft-packing to museum-quality crating, at DCM Art Services, we work exclusively with professional-grade materials to prepare your art for shipping.

Our experienced staff inspects and hand-selects our lumber stock to insure that the crate exterior and internal dunnage are strong and true. While it is essential to protect the exterior of your art, reducing shock during transit is also our priority.  At DCM Art Services, each crated item is encased in shock absorbing Ethafoam bumpers.  Our crates are durable enough to withstand multiple shipments; therefore, they could be reserved for your future art shipping needs.

DCM Art Services is prepared to pack your art with the specific materials required to meet the international shipping specifications.  Call or e-mail to inquire about the different levels of packing, crating and shipping that we provide for domestic and international deliveries